Stutter Social is an online community for people who stutter

Join our "hangouts," a free and fun way to have a video chat with up to 10 other PWS at a time. Check out the calendar below to find a hangout time that works for you. Newbies are welcome! If you stutter, you're not alone.

Follow our page on Facebook where we post links to Stutter Social hangouts as they happen.

Find a Hangout

Choose a time zone to see the hangout calendar.

Having trouble connecting?

Windows 10

Please use Internet Explorer or Firefox.

iPhones and iPads

1. Uninstall the Hangouts app

2. Reset the iPad/iPhone (press home and power buttons at same time. Keep pressed until the device turns off then back on. Let go once the Apple logo shows up)

3. Reinstall the Hangouts app and log in.

4. Open Safari and go to (do not open the Facebook app).

5. Go to the Stutter Social Facebook page and click on the link.

6. The Hangouts app should automatically open up and take you into the hangout. Hopefully you will only have to do this once and not have to reinstall the Hangouts app every time.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Unable to make our hangouts?

We also have an app! It's kind of like a Facebook group (but without the Facebook) where you can carry on your conversations in text form. It's also a private app, so you won't find it in the Apple Store nor Google Play Store. You will need to register to gain access. Once approved, we will send you a link to download the app directly to your mobile device. The app is powered by GroupAhead.

Register for the Stutter Social text chat app now!