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What is a hangout?

A hangout is a group video conference call where you can see and talk to up to 10 people at a time. You'll need a Google+ account in order to participate in a hangout. You can get a free account at

How do I use Google+?

The part about starting/joining a Hangout starts at 2:20.

I clicked the link to Hangout but Google wants me to login first. What's going on?

You'll need a Google+ account in order to participate in a hangout. You can get a free account at

When I try to join a Hangout, Google is prompting me to install a plugin. Should I do that?

Yes. You need Google's "voice and video" plugin in order for the Hangout to work. You can also install it ahead of time by going to

My video is all black. Why can't I see myself?

Check to make sure your webcam is turned on. If you have a webcam that plugs in to the computer, check the connection.

Why can't I hear the other people in the hangout?

Make sure your computer's audio playback is enabled and the volume is turned up.

How do I schedule a Stutter Social hangout of my own?

Stutter Social is careful about whose hangouts we put our name on. We want to make sure that the host fits our criteria for quality and trustworthiness. If you'd like us to promote your hangout, please email with some explanation of who you are and why you want to host a Stutter Social hangout.

Why is nobody in the hangout?

1. The Hangout may have ended. Please check the start and end times for that hangout in the Calendar.

2. The person who created the hangout may have been disconnected. Check back here at Stutter Social in a couple minutes to see if there's a new link. You can also click on the hangout listing in the Calendar to see the hangout creator's email and contact them directly.

The hangout just isn't working for me.

Make sure you're using the latest version of your web browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc.). The step-by-step of how to do that requires putting too much text here, as each browser and operating system is different. Please use Google search to find out how to update your particular browser on your operating system.

I have have Facebook. And Skype. Why do I need Google+?

Facebook doesn't offer free group video calls.

Skype doesn't offer a public link to a group video call. Additionally, the originator of the group video call needs to have Skype Premium, which isn't free.

We know that in this age of social media you are already overwhelmed with accounts on multiple services and may not want to add yet another one. This is our best option right now so just hang in there.

Can I participate in a hangout from a mobile device?

Yes. There are Google+ apps for Android and iOS that allow for full group video chatting functionality.