Stutter Social

Terms of use and privacy policy

Terms of use

We do not provide speech therapy in the hangouts.

Treat other participants with respect. The topic of stuttering tends to be a very personal and passionate one. While a healthy debate is always good, everyone's opinions must be respected.

Absolutely no soliciting of business or speech therapy is allowed. Anyone caught doing so will be blocked immediately.

No using drugs while in the hangout. If you are seen using drugs, you will be ejected.

If you must eat, please leave the hangout and return when you're done. Do not chew or speak with your mouth full on camera. If you do, you will be warned, then muted, then ejected.

Extreme political, racist or hate speech will not be tolerated in the hangouts nor on our social networks. Discretion will be left to the hangout host. If this rule is violated, you will be ejected.

Stutter Social is not responsible for any damage caused to your computer.

If you do not stutter, you must get special permission to join a hangout from the host of the hangout you wish to join. If you do not get permission, the host will eject you from the hangout. Permission can be requested by emailing

Please disconnect from a Stutter Social hangout if you must leave your computer for longer than 2 minutes to allow others a chance to connect. This includes having to talk on the phone. You will be booted from the hangout if you are not back after 2 minutes.

While at your computer, if you are typing loudly or if we are hearing background noise coming from your end, we ask that you please mute your microphone only while you aren’t talking so that we can hear others. If you don’t, you will be muted.

Please keep distractions at a minimum. If you're looking at the TV or your social networks, you're not actually participating in the conversation.

Privacy policy

Stutter Social hangouts are a safe space for people who stutter. We do not and will never collect or sell names of our participants.